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UWRF ACM Chapter – Meeting Oct. 12, 2016 (A)

ACM Officers' Meeting Minutes

By ████ (they/them), October 12, 2016

Figure out procedure for changing advisors for club both with the university and the ACM national.

Set up meeting for Innovation presentation, sometime past the 27th. Will have to move meeting to somewhere with more room than SH 21.

Need to create a plan for the accounts, for now we can use the revenue fund for deposits it is more difficult to remove money from here, however. We need to find some way to ensure that the bank account can always be transferred. Also need to have checks and balances, so that there aren’t any problems with money loss in future administrations.

We really should be increasing fundraising. As well as support for the community. PC cleaning, repair, or refurbishing old computers for donation.

There is a plan in place to begin an app development club. This may benefit from being started as a subcommittee of the ACM Chapter here. It would also be useful to extend an invitation to graphic design students to aid in the making of apps. They do require funding, $100 to put apps on the store, and devices as platforms to develop on.

Should they be their own club? Probably not.

Make sure to send budgets to advisors for approvals.