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UWRF ACM Chapter – Meeting Oct. 12, 2016 (B)

ACM Meeting Minutes

By ████ (they/them), October 12, 2016
  1. We are still making purchasing plans for the semester/year. Currently on the list to be purchased:
    1. Raspberry Pi 3s (2 of them, with cases, keyboards and mice)
    2. New motherboard, the old one was fried
    3. Anything from surplus sale? This Friday.
      1. Tables, need to get rid of permanent tables and the old conference table
      2. Possible new chairs and couches if we can find them
  2. Fundraising needs to happen, current plan is to buy t-shirts and resell them. They will have memes on them and ACM ads so people will buy them and know how cool we are. Any other plans could also support for the community. PC cleaning, repair, or refurbishing old computers for donation, et cetera.
  3. The ACM’s International Collegiate Programming Contest is coming up on October 29th, at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Registration is open until October 23rd, we have a team already planning to go, anyone who would like to can come along. The teams are of three people, can find other people to join current teams. No fee if we register by the 23rd, otherwise it’s $50 per team. Not knowing doesn’t mean not going, think of it as a learning experience. Can pick just about any language to use when competing. Will leave a signup sheet in the ACM Room (SH 21) or a spreadsheet shared on the Facebook page.
    1. We have 13 people who would like to go. 5 or 6 of them are freshmen, this is not divisible by 3 which is a problem.
    2. Transportation? Mitch has a van and Bobby has a car, we should be pretty well covered as far as this goes.
    3. Mitch and Geoff are working in Python. Want to join them? Come to the seminar tomorrow and learn Python really quick. Soren is joining them. Team Java 1: Bobby, Jerrett, Alex. Team Java 1: Joe, Justin. Team Java 3: Andrew, Matt, Mark. Team Java 4: Trevor, Drew.
  4. The network server is going to be changed over to a Windows Server install, we’re in the process of finding a key, probably from the department unless they say otherwise. We’ll set up both Wi-Fi and Ethernet within the room.
  5. We are painting the wall! What colors do we want things to be? What do we want on the wall? Propose things, vote! We’re not doing emojis on the black wall ☹.
  6. We’re planning on doing a promotional video for the club.
    1. 13 people would like to help with this.
    2. We’ll plan this further on the Facebook page.
  7. For the following year we will be transitioning to a new faculty advisor, from Dr. Hossein Najafi to Dr. Jacob Hendricks (pictured right). Both Najafi and Hendricks will act as our advisor for the 2016-2017 year. We may be focusing too much on this picture.
  8. Another group of Computer Science majors is starting an App Development club. We and Dr. Najafi do not believe they should be a separate club, rather they should be a subcommittee of the ACM. Having another club in the CSIS Dept. will split up the already small department. They proposed that we have a cooperative agreement. We do not have Macs, which we could buy at the surplus sale (we could do this regardless of whether or not they join us).
  9. We need to vote for Joe becoming our Membership Officer. Vote: unanimously in favor.
  10. New idea for outreach within the department: every week/two weeks keep the Programmin I/II classes up to date with our club’s goings on.
  11. We’ll be doing more seminars on programming: Python with Mitch tomorrow, Bobby will be doing Unity tonight, and GPU Acceleration with Geoff and Mitch at a later date.
  12. The next LAN Party is going to be November 4th rather than October 28th as was previously planned, so that anyone going it ICPC isn’t completely exhausted by the next day.
  13. Back to discussion of the walls: how are we going to pay for them? So far Mitch has paid for the supplies, we don’t have a budget for it… so, anyone who would like to contribute is free to go ahead. Gold accenting, motherboard traces, blueprints, logos, et cetera. A portrait of Gaben or Jacob Hendricks.
  14. Bobby is giving a presentation/seminar about Unity after the meeting, stick around if you want to learn some cool video game things.