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UWRF ACM Chapter – Meeting Oct. 19, 2016

ACM Meeting Minutes

By ████ (they/them), October 19, 2016
  1. Our toolkit, that we bought, has arrived. We now have a toolkit. Arthur is bringing the toolkit.
  2. The lab manager(s) is/are in charge of acquiring materials and such for the room, e.g. paper towels, as well as changing the garbage/recycling, and cleaning the boards in the room. You know, managing the lab.
  3. ACM’s International Collegiate Programming Competition is on October 29th. Teams must be three people, and we need to figure out transportation. This needs to be agreed upon and finalized, today. Teams are for the most part finalized and transportation is good, and everyone is eligible, yay!
  4. MICS testing round starts next week, choose between Monday October 24that 4:30pm and Thursday October 27th at 5:00pm. This is the first step in our preparation for MICS this year, please attend one of these if you plan on going to MICS.
  5. The next LAN Party will be November 4th to 5th. It will be funded.
  6. The chairs! We are replacing six or seven of the wooden chairs with these rolling white-ish office chairs (may or may not be the ones from SH 218 that everyone avoids?).
  7. Mr. Derick Edwards, from some company, is coming in to the next meeting, October 26th, to talk about the Innovation Challenge. He has seen a massive lack of Computer Science students competing in this and want to encourage creativity and innovation in the department, not necessarily as part of the competition.
  8. How much money should we reallocate from the advertisement budget? All of it seems to be fairly agreed upon.
  9. There is a large box of old equipment we planned on getting rid of, if anyone want any of it, feel free!
  10. There is an arcade downtown, Mark thinks it is cool so people should go. Bobby has the high score for Ms. Pacman. It is open from Noon-7pm every day, 10pm on Fridays.
  11. Our promotional video? Where we at on that fam? We’ll figure that out.