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UWRF ACM Chapter – Meeting Oct. 26, 2016

ACM Meeting Minutes

By ████ (they/them), October 26, 2016
  1. Our plans for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest fell through. U of Minn – Twin Cities and Macalester were both closed to registration, and UW – La Crosse was determined to be too far away to travel (two and a half hours of driving) for this international programming contest. Marty Allen, pictured right, was nice enough to try to find room for us, but in the end we failed him. Don’t worry, I apologized to him already.
  2. On a related note, MICS this year is at UW – La Crosse. The first round of testing was yesterday, there is another one on Thursday October 27th at 5:00pm. If you would like to compete at MICS this year, and did not go to the testing yesterday, please go to this. It is mandatory if you intend to be on a UWRF team at MICS.
  3. We have sort of wired internet! If anyone here is better at CAT5 crimping than whoever did this cable, help would be much appreciated. For some reason, we set up a switch and a DHCP server instead of a router, but something, something, more ports something, something, we can’t be sure the DHCP on the router would propagate through the switch. There is still some setup to do. There are some pre-made cables around we may be able to use.
  4. Arthur attended an AFAB meeting earlier today, successfully moving money from our advertising budget over to the supply budget. This will, theoretically, be used to buy chalk and a sticker to make a white board.
  5. Now, we have a presentation about Innovation, supposedly up in the SH218 lab! Innovation! From AGS Data Systems up in Hudson: Derek [Last Name].
    1. The Big Ideas Tournament: Innovation Challenge, it’s a multi-tier international competition that the UW System has been sponsoring participation in. UWRF has won the state competition for the past two years consecutively. The competition is meant to be a business incubator for ideas. It is not an incubator for ideas without commercial application, or commercial without a big new idea.
    2. So, we need a new method that encourages having ideas without forcing them to be capitalized. Perhaps an innovation competition or process that is not necessarily for starting a business. Encourage participation between multiple departments, focus on what you want to do in the discipline beyond the education.
    3. From an administrative standpoint: the curriculum has no room for great new ideas and innovation, but it is what students do out of the class that will shape them for the future. Classes don’t entirely cover what students want to learn, they need structure to support them as they reach out beyond the classes. Students can benefit from support in infrastructure so they can focus on the project itself and not the funding.
    4. What are the barriers to people doing things now? How can we fix that? We need to continue to brainstorm on this going forward, we need to create a more creative environment, not just do one project here and there.