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All That is Left General Meeting (Minutes)

By Una Ada (no pronouns), August 26, 2017

In attendance:

  1. Trewbot (vc, txt)
  2. CrimsonFlag (vc, txt)
  3. Niceman (audio, txt)
  4. Doctoma (txt)
  5. Temporary Warp (LATE, audio, txt)


  1. Finishing the first edition is the main goal now.
    1. Need templates for PDF done
      1. Covers and introductory parts
      2. Individual article layouts
    2. Goal to distribute by end of September
    3. Plan to distribute on Reddit and /leftypol/
    4. Articles are still in progress
      1. A few have yet to be done, may just drop some of the non-essential ones
      2. Very few articles currently have graphics, these aren’t essential but would be nice
    5. Possibly write a glossary for general leftist terminology
    6. An about page should be added, something like
    7. Cover design is needed, Crimson has a backup plan in case nothing is found
  2. Website is nearly done
    1. Main publication will be PDF format on site
    2. Each edition will have a page on the site listing all articles and containing relevant graphics
    3. Each article will have its own separate page
    4. There is a default template for articles on the website, other options may be added for different sorts of graphics
  3. General direction is needed
    1. Need an organizational structure to allow for democratic decision making
    2. Establish a stronger timeline based on people’s needs and restrictions
    3. Need to do PR with other publication to avoid competition and encourage collaboration
    4. Social Media
      1. We need to expand distribution across different media to grow the publication
      2. We have a Twitter: that needs to grow to help in outreach
        1. Tweetdeck is good for this, tweets can be scheduled and the account can be shared with a team
        2. Trewbot will oversee the Twitter for now
      3. We need to get a Facebook page
      4. Possibly an Instagram to post graphics to
        1. Post graphics from articles to advertise them one by one
        2. Memes? Based on committee decisions
    5. We need people to be more active, we are dying
      1. Scheduled meetings should hopefully help
      2. Was 4am CST on a Saturday a good idea? Only time will tell
  4. The Revolutionary Labor Party
    1. They have a video coming out soon, hopefully we will get more writers when they grow
    2. Crimson is working with them regularly so he can keep us updated
  5. Alliances with newspapers/publications
    1. DSA-LSC is forming a publication working group, Trewbot has mentioned the possibility of working with them
      1. The following message was sent as the proposal:
        1. Hello everyone,
        2. I’m definitely in support of the idea of a working group for this, and yes a survey for people to write down what they contribute would be great so we know where we stand in regards to actually creating publications and such. I can do some writing but I mainly do web/graphic design, just in case we don’t get a survey up soon.
        3. On the Jacobin-like publication note, I’ve actually been working with a group that’s currently in the process of starting up something vaguely along those lines. It’s planned to be a quarterly publication of theory and discussion of current political trends, but it’s definitely open to more frequent current events posts on its website. Non-sectarianism is big deal for it though, but it’s meant more as anti-sectarianism in that there isn’t meant to be bashing on different leftist tendencies but works specific to any one tendency would be fine. We’re also, conveniently, looking for a Libertarian/Anarchist group to support and contribute as there is a Maoist group already coming in to support. You can read more about this on the draft of the about page for it all here:
        4. However, if you do want to make a publication that is libertarian exclusively, or even just to explain issues with other tendencies then I wouldn’t recommend this option. Same for if people want the LSC to have its own publication that it solely controls.
    2. RLP is our buddies as per usual
  6. Finances
    1. The domain cost $1, it’s annually like $15 but hopefully it’ll go on sale
  7. We need more writers
    1. Hopefully the RLP will be able to supply more writers
    2. This may be too authoritarian so it’d be nice to have more libertarians join
    3. The LSC is still in the air so we don’t know if that’ll help
    4. We hope that finishing the first publication will allow us to attract more writers

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