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On Satire, Briefly

By Una Ada (no pronouns), July 17, 2018

This post was originally posted on my Tumblr as 175986356630.

I don’t understand how people can view the past four years of sociopolitical development and still rationalize to themselves posting fascist propaganda as “ironic” or “satirical” humor. Satire is useless as critique and dangerous as humor, and posting the unadulterated views of those you’re supposedly against with nothing more than an assumed context of it being a “joke” is not even passable satire.

Even if there is some decent reason to actually make such a joke, the fact remains that when called out for the blatant propaganda the defense is nothing more than equivalent to that of recent online fascist and extreme right groups. What comes of it is masses of online “leftists” defending someone’s right to post race science as a “joke,” essentially protecting their “right to free speech” in the most right wing of senses.

Platforming such views under the assumption that nobody will take it seriously, nobody will use it to justify their already bigoted views, nobody will see it as a normalization of their shitty attitudes… is that not the exact thing that the recent upsurge in antifascist movements is meant to fight against?

In conclusion, fuck your heroes. That which does not kill fascism invites it in.