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Awkward Smile Day

I open the door and the bell rings. That familiar electronic bell that is really more of a beep but tradition says it’s a bell and there’s no arguing with tradition. I am thirsty and really need to raise my blood sugar level before I faint. To this end I walk past the cashier without so much as looking up. “Hello,” she greets me. I don’t bother to reply with words for fear of dehydration,...

Nihilism on Aisle 7

The rain stopped, it had completed its task, it had watered the crops just the right amount; it was ready to die. There was no funeral for the rain. Nobody was saddened by its departure. There was a silent acceptance of what it had accomplished for the world, but no mourning for its passing. It was here just a moment ago, blessing the lands with its watery goodness, and now it was gone. The lack...

Sunny Day

It was a sunny day, not that I could be bothered to give a damn about things in the sky. I had my eyes on the prize and not much more. One way or another I was to end the day $0.15 richer. You see, one must set goals for themselves. Goals that are difficult to reach. But not goals that are completely unreasonable. The goal of this particular day was to “make bank,” as...


This post was written for a creative writing course, originally titled I'm Just a Lawyer.