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Welcome to Anarchy.Website, a blog and archive created by Una Ada. Herein lies articles on a variety of topics, ranging from linguistics to history, from gender issues to anime, and from programming to physics. Despite the name this site is not exclusively about anarchism, but the content here is primarily written through the lens of anarchy.


Here are the ten latest articles published to this site, in reverse chronological order (newest first), for a full list of every article check out the archive.

Chloe & Una’s Tentacular Experience Volume 2: Your Neighborhood Tentacle Shop Notes

In this episode, Chloe and Una make this podcast live up to it's name and talk about one of our favorite hentai manga, Your Neighborhood Tentacle Shop, a beautiful tale of the love between a young woman and hundreds of slimy tentacle monsters. Written by Okunoha (@okunoha on Twitter), Anata no Machi no Shokushuyasan is probably the most important piece of art ever created and you should read it and probably **** *** to it and thank us later. Seriously go read it and support the author as well.

Gravity Dev Log IV

This is the final section of my blog on the browser game Gravity (at least as far as working on it before the project is due), where I hastily throw together some game mechanics to make project feel something like a game. Expect some future work on this, as I am not proud of its current state in the slightest.

Gravity Dev Log III

In this third development blog for my browser game, Gravity, I finish the background functionality of the game. Now the view in the DOM should reflect the model at every animation frame, and also some physics should apply to the scene!

Gravity Dev Log II

Continuing work on my browser game, Gravity. This time, I'm setting up the overall framework of the project's code and adding in some very basic functionality, like checking for user inputs and creating an output element.

Gravity Dev Log I

This is the first installment in a series of blogs about a browser game project I'm doing for my software engineering course, going over some background info for both the assignment and my project itself as well as my plans going forward.

Una Mono

Another font? That's right! I'm continuing on my journey to update the styling on my GitHub pages blog, this time I'll be creating a monospace font for code blocks!

Chloe & Una’s Tentacular Experience Volume 1: Alignment You! You! Notes

Chloe and Una take you, the beautiful and highly intelligent and also did you do something with your hair recently? listener, on a journey into the world of Japanese erotic cartoons, beginning with the 2007 manga Alignment You! You! and it's 2008 anime adaptation.

Una Nota

A new heading font to express the feeling of not being able to get tacos.


A neatly arranged pair of shoes. Legs swinging to and fro over the edge. On the horizon, an apocalypse looms.

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. VI: A Real Podcast Notes

A real episode.

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