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Welcome to Anarchy.Website, a blog and archive created by Una Ada. Herein lies articles on a variety of topics, ranging from linguistics to history, from gender issues to anime, and from programming to physics. Despite the name this site is not exclusively about anarchism, but the content here is primarily written through the lens of anarchy.


Here are the ten latest articles published to this site, in reverse chronological order (newest first), for a full list of every article check out the archive.

Chloe & Una’s Tentacular Experience Volume 1: Alignment You! You! Notes

Chloe and Una take you, the beautiful and highly intelligent and also did you do something with your hair recently? listener, on a journey into the world of Japanese erotic cartoons, beginning with the 2007 manga Alignment You! You! and it's 2008 anime adaptation.

Una Nota

A new heading font to express the feeling of not being able to get tacos.


A neatly arranged pair of shoes. Legs swinging to and fro over the edge. On the horizon, an apocalypse looms.

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. VI: A Real Podcast Notes

A real episode.

Fonts, eh?

I'm made a font!


Fuck my life, lmao.

Been a while...

I sure do post on Twitter a lot (think 1k posts/month), but never really write about myself on my blog anymore. I’ve written “blog posts” about research or programming, but nothing about my life. Hell, recently I migrated to a new Twitter account, so there isn’t much record of what I’ve been up to. The last post was about a year and a half ago when I was talking about school stuff; this post will...


Sleep deprived ranting about ruby text, internationalization, localization, CSS3 support, monospace fonts, and some other stuff. Does this count as documentation? Am I doing a documentation here?

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. V: Post-Scarcity Notes

A couple of sleep deprived losers try to explain the philosophical and ecological necessity and implications of post-scarcity as a quote unquote economic mode.

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. IV: The Paris Commune Notes

We're not a history podcast and nobody actually knows what happened in Paris in 1871.

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