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Welcome to Anarchy.Website, a site built as a ‘blog’ and archive by Una Ada for hosting their written content. While the name of the site implies a focus on anarchism, no such restriction exists, with much of the content here being comedic fiction or notes from classes.

Goth Angel Sinners

Goth Angel Sinners Figure 1. The Goth Angel Sinners podcast title card.

Goth Angel Sinners (abbr: 🥀👼🗡) is a podcast about anarchy, anarchists, and anarchism; hosted by Una Ada, Chloe (Χλόη) Ross, and Leland (@whimworm). The podcast is currently hosted on

Episodes of the podcast (called “parts”) are meant to be released regularly on every Sextidi; though no such regularity has been achieved as of yet, with parts being released upon their completion.

An original concept for a podcast was proposed circa August 2017, leading to the creation of a Twitter group chat on the 18th wherein the title “Not the Feds” (NTF) was decided on; this title was based on a joke about the concept for the podcast: to let anyone of left leaning politics join in to whatever episode if they desired to simply “be on a podcast at some point.” This initial group made some attempt to produce a first episode, then intended to discuss the upcoming Catalan independence referendum, but due to scheduling issue was delayed. That delay would in time turn into an extended hiatus and the near death of the project.

Nearly a year later, on July 9, 2018, the podcast Neighbor Science (then hosted by Ryan Salisbury and Pieter de Beer) hosted a “Bloc Party” to explain what the titular concept of the podcast meant, having on two guests to aid in the task: Una and Chloe (Χλόη). After this special, Una and Chloe decided the whole thing would have been better with just the two of them, thus revitalizing the concept of a podcast (co-)hosted by the former.

This new podcast was built on the framework of NTF (namely by simply renaming the existing Twitter account), but needed a new name to fit with the new direction. After some brainstorming, the two agreed on the name “Goth Angel Sinners,” a pluralized reference to the unreleased project by the late Lil Peep (RIP Lil Peep).

The third episode (Part III: Spiderman 3) saw the introduction of a third co-host, Leland (@whimworm), who had collaborated with Una on past projects, e.g. the “Monthly Screenplays” with @punished_picnic (f.k.a. @ruined_picnic) available from “The Picnic Archive”.

Posts related to Goth Angel Sinners on this site are tagged as #podcast, including the notes on the latest episode: Part V: Post-Scarcity

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Sleep deprived ranting about ruby text, internationalization, localization, CSS3 support, monospace fonts, and some other stuff. Does this count as documentation? Am I doing a documentation here?

December 11, 2019, tags: #blog #localization #programming #web-dev

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. V: Post-Scarcity Notes

A couple of sleep deprived losers try to explain the philosophical and ecological necessity and implications of post-scarcity as a quote unquote economic mode.

June 25, 2019, tags: #collaboration #notes #outline #podcast

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. IV: The Paris Commune Notes

We're not a history podcast and nobody actually knows what happened in Paris in 1871.

January 17, 2019, tags: #collaboration #notes #outline #podcast

A Quick Note on Monetary Theory

I’ve as of yet done little research and study on economics; in college I was well more preoccupied with physics and computer science and in my own time I’ve simply neglected it. I find this necessary to remedy, simply as a person who lives in, as they say, a society and as someone whose interests lately tend toward socioeconomics; to that end I will soon after completed a few currently in progress works be embarking...

January 12, 2019, tags: #capitalism #economics #monetary-theory #preliminary

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. III: Spiderman 3 Notes

In this latest episode of Goth Angel Sinners, we've addressed complaints that the episodes were too long and that we are "over representing people born in 1997" while we discuss Spider-Man 3, cops, moral ambiguity, and Infinity War for some reason.

December 08, 2018, tags: #collaboration #notes #outline #podcast

Overreliance on Connotation

First, let’s assume that all that we know is truth, or more precisely that our certainty in currently held knowledge is invariable and that said certainty for a given concept is arbitrarily high. For simplicity’s sake we will divide the set of all that is known into two smaller sets, $A$ will refer to the set of concepts that are (based on some arbitrary threshold) good and $B$ will refer to the set of all...

October 06, 2018, tags: #argumentation #language #linguistics #logic #mathematics

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. II: Catalonia Notes

Join our hosts @trewbot and Chloe in this second installment of the Goth Angel Sinners podcast for an interview with senatorial candidate Jae Em Carico and discussions about the CNT, Revolutionary Catalonia, the Spanish Civil War, and the 2017 Catalan Independence Referendum.

September 20, 2018, tags: #collaboration #notes #outline #podcast

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