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Sonic's Last Adventure (Scene 10)

This post was published as Scene 10 of Sonic’s Last Adventure

EXT. EVENING - Large empty meadow
THE COROLLA rolls along the highway, a shot from above would do well here. A
breeze sweeps across the plains of golden wheat or some other grass. Either way
this is a very calm scene, comfortable and quaint.

EXT. EVENING - In front of a small house
We see a small white house, one of those ‘70s style ones. There are no
neighboring houses, just massive empty fields. The sky is dim but still
prevalently blue. THE COROLLA pulls up, slowing along the frame then jerking to
a stop directing in the center.

We cut to the inside of THE COROLLA just as LINDA finishes pulling the
handbrake. SONIC is sleeping in the back of THE COROLLA, huddled under a
shoddily crocheted blanket.

            Hey... Sonic, wake up.

MILES reaches behind his seat and jostles SONIC a bit.


            I think... I think I recognize this house from
            somewhere... I think it might be EGGMAN’s house. I
            dunno, I heard him talk about a home out here once, how
            he always wanted to be out in the quiet, without any
            neighbors... I think this is it.

            (sitting up)

            Do you,, want to go inside or...

            Ye, we should go in, lemme just pull SONIC’s wheelchair
            out of the trunk.

MILES flings his door open and forces himself out of THE COROLLA, slowly walking
around it to get to the trunk. Just as he’s about to reach for the latch, LINDA
steps out of THE COROLLA as well.

            Hey, let me get it, you always struggle with it anyway.

            I suppose you’re right.

LINDA proceeds to pop the trunk open and take the folded wheelchair out of it,
unfolding the wheelchair as she pulls it out and sets it on the ground.

INT. EVENING - The house
We cut to a shot of the front door from the inside. The doorbell rings and we
see MRS. ROBOTNIK enter from stage left, hobbling up to the door with a limp.
MRS. ROBOTNIK opens the door and we see MILES with his arm still extended up to
the doorbell, with LINDA pushing SONIC’s wheelchair not far behind. There is a
ramp leading up to the door, assumably because the couple that lives here is
aging and could also make use of this sort of accessibility.

                                MRS. R
            Hello there, who might you be?

            It’s me, MILES... well, I guess you’d know me best by
            “TAILS”, I brought SONIC with me.

MILES gestures in the general direction of SONIC, never actually pointing
directly at SONIC, but at least he is trying.

                                MRS. R
            Oh, you’re some of IVO’s old friends, come on in then.

MRS. R steps aside and gestures the three of them inside, holding the door open
as they walk in.

INT. EVENING - Eggman’s Living Room
LINDA and MILES are sitting on a couch in the center of the room, with LINDA on
the farthest left seat and MILES from center to far right, SONIC’s wheelchair is
to the left of the couch and there is an empty recliner to the right and a
coffee table in the middle of it all.

MRS. R walks into view, carrying a tray on which there is a kettle and three
cups. She sets the tray on the table and begins to pour the tea.

                                MRS. R
            IVO doesn’t really get visitors these days, just nurses
            and the occasional doctor. He’s nothing of his former
            self, they all tell me that he’s listening but I just
            don’t believe he is anymore.

            The world has truly lost one of its most valuable
            treasures, at least I know I have. He was always so
            bright and energetic. But what he’s like now... I can’t
            stand to look at him, too afraid that I’ll lose that
            image of his former self.

By now MRS. R has sat down in the recliner and is now pulling out a photo album.
MRS. R begins to flip through the album, raising it up for the rest of them
(mostly LINDA, the only one with the eyesight to make any of it out) to see.

                                MRS. R
            You could just tell from his youth, when I met him,
            that he was destined to do something great, something

She holds up the album and we see EGGMAN’s childhood portraits, in which he just
looks like an egg propped up against different colored backgrounds, much like
the default twitter avatars from 2010-2017 (rest in peace).

                                MRS. R
            I do suppose somewhere along the way his aspirations
            did turn a bit sour, what with the whole trying to take
            over the world. But can you blame him? Just look at
            this world: starvation, global warming, bombing
            innocent women and children, all of it completely
            avoidable. The man may not have been very clear about
            his intentions and reasoning, but deep down I know he
            meant to do good for the world, I knew all he wanted
            was to be able to sit on that porch, in this field, to
            grow old sitting next to me knowing that the world was
            good, that he had done all he could to keep it that
            way. I don’t blame you two... three? for trying to stop
            him, he certainly didn’t make it difficult for you to
            oppose him all those times.

            I... I, uhh... wow... I’m sorry. Jesus, I just... wow,
            fuck. I don’t think that we ever really...

MILES is beginning to talk with a bit of a lump in his throat, this whole
situation is beginning to get to him.

            Can we... can we see him?

The color drains from MRS. R’s face, she appears to be holding back tears, but
still, she complies.

                                MRS. R
            Right this way.

They all get up and we follow them into a sort of back guest room. We enter this
room to see Eggman laying in a bed, with all the typical hospital equipment and
a ventilator, keeping him breathing artificially.

                                MRS. R
            (tears begin rolling down her cheek)
            Here he is...

            Such a shame.

                                MRS. R
            He left a letter, before he went completely under, he
            left a letter just in case you guys were to ever come
            here... I... I didn’t want to bring it up before... I
            think I know what it’s going to say.

MRS. R pulls a letter out from her cardigan and hands it to MILES. MILES opens
the letter and begins reading it.

                                EGGMAN (V.O.)
            Hello friends/enemies/frienemies/however you believe we
            left off,

            My health as of late isn’t looking so great, from the
            looks of it I’ll soon be unable to speak or write so I
            wanted to write this letter while I was still able. I
            know we haven’t always been great friends, or even
            friendly rivals, if anything we were polar opposites in
            just about every way. You all stood in my way when I
            was attempting to cure the world of its problems, but I
            understand why you did it. I don’t believe in
            sectarianism, so I won’t be lecturing you as to why my
            authoritarian praxis is more legitimate than your
            anarchist ways. If anything, I wanted to forgive you,
            just as I hope that you will forgive me for any
            wrongdoings I have committed. Perhaps I am even being
            selfish in writing this letter, trying to use my health
            to gain some moral leverage, to force you to reconcile
            with me.

            Truth is, I have a favor to ask. No, I don’t need you
            to burn my pornography collection, I know many insecure
            men ask their friends to do this in the event of their
            death, but I have an I.Q. of 300 so I am totally above
            that. My wife and I were always close, we had a very
            intimate relationship and were aware of each other’s
            pornographic interests, so there is no need for me to
            hide such things from her, especially in death. No,
            what I ask of you is just that: death. My condition as
            I write this is that of constant, agonizing pain, I do
            not wish to imagine the pain and suffering I will be
            enduring by the time you are reading it.

            I ask of you, no, I beg of you, please give me the
            sweet release of death.

                                                   Dr. Ivo Robotnik

MILES lowers the letter away from his face, revealing that he is now holding
back tears as well.

                                MRS. R
            Is it... what I think it is?

            Yeh... it is.

MILES passes the letter to SONIC, who is barely able to hold it close enough to
read it. Within a few seconds, tears begin to roll down his cheeks.

                                MRS. R
            Well... I guess... ... I’ll leave you to it.

MRS. R leaves the room, LINDA goes with her, trying to comfort her.


INT. EVENING - Living Room
MRS. R is sitting on the couch, LINDA has her arms around MRS. R to comfort her.
MILES walks in, wheeling SONIC along.

                                MRS. R
            Is it...

MILES is silent trying to hold back his crying, but nods his head slightly.

                                MRS. R

MRS. R screams, enraged at what the world is putting her through, she jumps up
and smashes the glass coffee table by tossing it forward, before turning to
bawling, covering her face with her hands.

                                MRS. R
            (indecipherable yelling)

The sound fades out to a high pitch ring.

We cut to the inside of THE COROLLA which is currently empty. We watch as SONIC
rolls into the backseat from his wheelchair, simultaneous to MILES scooting into
the front passenger seat. LINDA folds the wheelchair into the trunk then slides
into the driver seat. They all remain silent, there is no sound except for the
night sounds of the meadows and the closing of car doors.

EXT. NIGHT - Meadow
THE COROLLA drives away from the small house, silent but for its engine.