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By Chloe and Una Ada, April 27, 2021


Hi, I’m Chloe… and I’m Una…

… and welcome to Goth Angel Sinners Chloe & Una’s Tentacular Experience. A weekly podcast with the hottest hentai reviews for all your betentacled1 needs. In writing up these notes we have in fact discovered that “betentacled” is a real word and will be using it every chance we get.

Basically, every week we are going to read and/or watch a new hentai and give you, our wonderful listeners a plot summary, our thoughts and review, some information on adaptations if any, and important cultural information relevant to the hentai so you too can be an expert on all things hentai. Also any time one of us learns about a new fetish we didn’t realize we had, we will be playing this sound [sound].

I. Background

Hentai is a Japanese word literally meaning “strange condition,” however it is often used as shorthand for the phrase “hentai seiyoku,” meaning an “abnormal sexual desire,” used in the context of psychology to describe paraphilias. In Japanese the term is used to mean “pervert” or “perverted”, however in English and for our purposes here, it is used to refer to erotic comics, cartoons, and games from Japan. Some terms used in Japan for these are eromanga, eroanime, and eroge.

Ecchi is a term used in Japanese to describe playfully sexual things, in terms of media it will refer to things which are not pornographic but rather hinting at it. Softcore as opposed to hardcore; tongue-in-cheek as opposed to tongue-in-asshole. Its origins are in the Japanese pronunciation of the English letter H, the first letter in hentai.

Doujinshi are self-published works, comics, zines, fanfiction, etc. They are not necessarily sexual, but much like Western “fanfiction” they very well can be and often the term will carry that connotation.

Toire no Hanako-san is a Japanese urban legend/modern urban folklore wherein a girl haunts a bathroom stall (for whatever reason).2 Typically the third stall of a bathroom on the third floor of a school and summoned by knocking on the door three times. In some cases, this ghost is a benevolent spirit who may grant wishes to those who summon them, i.e. this case with the fucking and stuff.

II. Manga

II-1. Characters

II-2. Summary

The manga opens with a few full-color pages of a scene by the pool that happens between Sakurako and Takahashi. In the anime this scene is shown chronologically rather than as a preface, and features Oohara’s stolen dick rather than a double-ended dildo.

II-2.1 Chapter 1

We begin with a scene of Takahashi masturbating in class begging to be looked at by her classmates who don’t seem to notice her presence, especially the boy behind her who she has a crush on, Oohara. After cumming she realizes she’s actually dead and her feelings were mutual. She then meets Sakurako, a Toire no Hanako-san who wears a maid dress. She uses her powers to allow Takahashi to fuck Oohara, by which we mean she kills him and the rest of their class too because that’s the only way a ghost could fuck a human.

II-2.2 Chapter 2

This chapter shows Takahashi, Oohara, and Sakurako having a threesome, and Sakurako being a fucking cumslut about it, but they are interrupted by a femboy.

II-2.3 Chapter 3

The femboy is Ooshiro, a boy from their class with a crush on someone who can’t confess to them due to being a ghost. Sakurako revives him so he can do that but revives him as a girl and steals his dick and proceeds to fuck “him” with it. Afterwards they see him fucking a dude and they say “so you were a homo all along, huh?”

II-2.4 Chapter 4

In chapter 4 we meet Maruyama-sensei and also a picture of Sakurako’s foot covered in cum. Maruyama-sensei is incredibly strict, especially about public displays of affection, specifically because she was dumped by her boyfriend after he came out as gay and was seen fucking Ooshiro at the end of the previous chapter.

II-2.4 Chapter 5

In chapter 5 it is revealed that Sakurako’s hair that we’ve seen thus far is a wig and her actual hair is shorter and black, also her outfit is different and more stereotypical of the “Toire no Hanako-san.” Anyway, she threatens to kill Takahashi again for seeing her like this, but instead Takahashi steals Oohara’s dick and fucks her with it. There’s a funny bit where she says “I promise I won’t shove it into your pussy so suddenly” and then immediately shoves it in her ass. “It’s spraying out… My cum enema… Is spraying out…”

II-2.6 Chapter 6

In this chapter a second _Hanako-san+, Tsubakiko, appears and tricks Oohara into giving her his dick and also just kinda yeets him out of existence, then she finds Sakurako and uses tentacles to bind her and fuck her. Takahashi then takes control of Tsubakiko’s body and makes her cum in Sakurako a whole bunch and finds her remains in Tsubakiko’s body and comes back to life using them.

II-2.7 Chapter 7

A bunch of girls then publicly humiliate Takahashi as revenge for getting to come back to life and threaten to take her new-found virginity which she says she wanted to give to Sakurako, but then it turns out it was all a set-up by Sakurako to take her virginity and the two be gay and live happily ever after.

II-3. References

In the prologue, “Topical? Arc,” there is what appears to be a Gundam in a single panel, where Takahashi says “well, there are other things used in the desert that might seem tropical in their own ways, too…” This may or may not be the YMS-09D Dom Tropical Test Type, but I don’t know anything about Gundams, so nobody fact-check this, please; I do not need this hit to my fragile ego, I’m already falling apart.

The recurring gay character throughout is “likely” a reference to the oft parodied Kuso Miso Technique by Yamakawa Junichi. While this bara manga is referenced frequently enough that it can be considered more a meme than a direct reference to the work, the opening pages are almost directly copied as the final two pages of Chapter 5. The reference is further doubled down upon with the frequent use of the phrase “ウホッ” by and around this character.

There’s probably some reference with the 62nd Ghost Fight, but I’m not gonna decipher that mess. Probably another Gundam thing, everything’s a Gundam reference.

III. Anime

III-1. Changes

Several scenes are omitted from the anime adaptation as well as the order being changed. Chapters 2 and 7 are removed completely, and the order is changed such that the scene order goes Chapter 1, 5, 4, 3, 6, as well as the “preface” bit being included between 3 and 6.

Sakurako, Takahashi, and Oohara have a threesome in the manga,3 rather than Takahashi immediately stealing Oohara’s dick.

Sakurako is a much bigger cumslut in the manga: “How many times have I told you to let me drink it?”4

When “reviving” Ooshiro, Sakurako does some folk dance thing in the anime, but in the manga pukes up a large pile of human goop.5

The person to whom Ooshiro intended to confess is not revealed in the anime–as they are described as “never being seen again” after getting fucked by Sakurako–, but in the manga is revealed to be a man.6 “So you were a homo all along, huh…?”

Rather than punishing her for watching them fuck on the roof, they punish the teacher for just being strict (and uptight, *badumtiss*).7 It is also revealed that the reason why she’s been particularly bad lately is that she was dumped by her boyfriend, because he is gay (see: the guy fucking Ooshiro).8

The bit when Sakurako is explaining why she prefers the look with the wig changed from showing her having to fight off ghost hunters who don’t see her as a threat9 to a flashback that doesn’t play with the words “wasn’t that a flashback just now” scrolling across the top of the screen. Also, she cuts Takahashi in half after she calls her cute and Takahashi is behind her head?? so she looks long??? Please just watch it, lmao.

Tsubakiko is hiding in the unnamed gay man when Oohara runs into her.10 “Wanna fuck?”

Tsubakiko is the one who killed Takahashi,11 and so Takahashi is able to find her remains inside Tsubakiko and revive herself.12 An entire arc wherein she is a living human again follows, which was entirely cut from the adaptation. This includes a public humiliation scene, paralleling her initial interactions with Sakurako.13 That scene is revealed to be a setup by Sakurako14 immediately after Takahashi declares her love for the ghost.15

III-2. Animation

There are a lot of shots of cumming shown without the dick visible, not quite an “x-ray” shot. Ghost shit. There’s a lot of the typical showing thrusting by just having part of the character fly in and out of view, very flashy stuff.

III-3. Music

The score during the opening scene are these melancholic, somewhat atonal, pianos and synth pads which create a bittersweet atmosphere appropriate for a ghost desperately wishing to overcome the isolation of being a disembodied spirit, wishing only to be seen and to be loved. Truly a human story if one has ever been told.

Theme song is ’90s as fuck.

There’s some spooky halloween-y themes when Sakurako is introduced because she’s mean and scary and also a ghost. The spooky themes continue during the “sex ed” lesson, but take on a more romantic tone when Oohara and Takahashi fuck.

The music is upbeat and jovial while they toy with the sensei but gets a lot more sinister when Sakurako appears.

The ending theme is just an instrumental version of the opening theme

Generally the music is appropriate, but kept minimal in terms of arrangement and placement in the mix likely due to budgetary reasons as well as keeping from overpowering the more important aspects of the video (the super hot sex scenes).

IV. Conclusion

As an anime it’s a 7/10, in terms of hentai it’s an 8.5 maybe 9/10.

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Join us next week when we talk about “Your Neighborhood Tentacle Shop.”

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