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The Pollinic  Girls Attack!
By Una Ada and Chloe, June 11, 2022


Hello everyone! I’m Una… and I’m Chloe…and welcome to the third installment of Chloe and Una’s Tentacular Experience, a weekly podcast that hasn’t published an episode in 343 days! I mean, uh, a weekly podcast bringing you the hottest hentai reviews for your slutty slutty ears. Today we’re going to talk about Kafun Shoujo, or, “The Pollinic Girls Attack!” As usual, anytime one of us discovers a new fetish we will be playing this sound.

I. Background

“The Pollinic Girls Attack!” (   花粉少女 KafunShoujo ) is a loosely connected anthropomorphic eromanga anthology by Koume Keito (小梅けいと) with an animated adaptation. Originally published in two volumes (2006 and 2010) before being republished as another two volumes in 2017, and finally combined into a single volume called “The Pollinic Girls Attack! Complete” (花粉少女こんぷりーと) in 2019. This latest edition was licensed for English release by Fakku.

While these anthologies contain a number of one-shots and multi-part stories, the primary and titular theme revolves around anthropomorphized pollen.

Pink Pineapple licensed the series for an anime adaptation, releasing four volumes. The first two volumes were released in 2008 and the latter two in 2012.

Chloe’s theory on the background: inspired by two bits, the realization that pollen is essentially plant sex and what if humans also had the plant sex? And that people about to cum look like they’re about to sneeze… also both end up using up tissues.

Moving on to today’s Japanese vocabulary lesson! This time we’re focusing on some common abbreviations!

“JK” is a colloquial abbreviation of the phrase   女子高生, joshikousei meaning high school girl and technically already an abbreviation of   女子高校生 joshikoukousei . In the context of erotica, and this may consequently be the case elsewhere, the term instead abbreviates   女子校生 joshikousei , more closely translating as “schoolgirl.” Of course, this change may in some cases be a simple typo (or so the Pixiv Dictionary claims), but it is generally used to remove the implicit statement of age. A high school student is more than likely not over the age of 18, making their inclusion in erotica morally reprehensible, but a student in general could be any age. So, rather than attending some high school   (高校) koukou , characters in erotic works will instead attend some “academy,” either   学園 gakuen or   学院 gakuin .

A similar term exists for high school boys:   男子校生 danshikousei abbreviated as “DK.” Further abbreviations also exist for other levels of education in cases where specifying that is desirable (hopefully not in erotica, though there are *sigh* instances of that happening): “JC” for   女子中学生 joshichuugakusei , “JS” for   女子小学生 joshishougakusei , and the parallel DC and DS.

One could also abbreviate college students in this manner:   女子大学生 joshidaigakusei and   男子大学生 danshidaigakusei being “JD” and “DD” respectively… I have seen this occasionally, such as in some very real people’s Twitter bios, but it isn’t nearly as common as “JK” or even “DK.”

Remember, is your friend… unless you’re trying to understand slang, then you have a 50/50 shot with it.

II. The Manga

Finding all the chapters of this manga can be a bit of a challenge due to them mostly being one-shots in a sort-of shared universe; according to MAL there are 30 chapters because it only counts chapters in the original two volumes (and leaving out two chapters from that); however there are 2 more chapters that were included in the re-release “jou” and “ge;” finally there’s the “complete” edition which actually isn’t complete, it cuts out a lot of chapters that were in the first two releases and slims it down to mostly just the “pollinic” stories (for some reason excluding “Let’s Go Pollinic Road”, probably because the cowards were afraid of the based futa pollen cocks) and some other fan-favorites, which makes it a bit more thematically cohesive however it does cut some things which were quite fun in the originals.

There are basically four character stories that actually have to do with the Pollinic Girls, and then all the others are unrelated: Hanazono, Aki, Otsu♡Mami, and Otani/Rui/Sally.

Anyway those 5 storylines are really all the “Pollinic” stories. Some part of all of those got animated, and every chapter of all of them, with the exception of “Let’s Go Pollinic Road” (Otani/Rui/Sally), got translated. “My Wife is Tiny” and “Nudist Wife!?” are the chapters which weren’t part of any pollinic storyline that got animated.

Chapters not officially translated:

The NicoNico Dictionary page on the author notes that Forest Wolf-Girl (森の狼っ娘) predates the more popular anthropomorphic wolf girl series Spice and Wolf (狼と香辛料). Would you believe me if I said the author has also published a few (non-H) Spice and Wolf fan books? An interesting tidbit, but one that is definitely overshadowed by the rest of the description of the author’s typical content: tits (おっぱい), orgies (多人数P), and gags (ギャグ).

Edit: It’s rather embarrassing to admit, but I could not, for some reason, verify this information until I was editing the notes for publication. Koume Keito is the illustrator for the Spice and Wolf manga adaption, Isuna Hasekura being the writer for bother the light novel and manga.

We have a full list of chapters in each publication and the animation.

Personally (Chloe), some honorable mentions for best chapters outside of those pollinic storylines are: “Sharp Rise!? Stock Girls” “Twin Love Secret,” “Candyland,” the Priestesses arc, and “Cherry Blossom Crusade.”

I (Una) would like to add “Pink Planet” (鏡のわくせい) to this list. This one-shot is about a space faring girl who has found herself stuck on an alien planet, desperately searching for the fuel pellets scattered during her crash. She finds a fruit that, when thrown into a lake, turns into a clone of herself. Two heads are better than one, but what about a lot of heads? Anyway it’s a big selfcest orgy and I love it.

Another important thing to mention is that there, canonically, are futa pollinic girls in Hokkaido. However, they only get two (color) panels that are unfortunately left untranslated due to being in the one untranslated pollinic girls chapter: “Let’s Go Pollinic Road.”

III. The Anime

The first two episodes follow the same sort of adaptation formula, where they adapt the first half of a chapter, then another chapter, and then the latter half of the initial chapter. Episode three just adapts three separate chapters straight through. Episode four follows a similar pattern to episodes 1 and 2, but inserts 2 chapters between the first and second half-chapters. This method of adaptation helps to create a feeling of shared continuity between stories in what’s largely an anthology-ish series.

III-1. Volume 1

Hanazono is the, like, main character for the most part? Edit: according to statements by the author in an omake for the second volume, Kano Aki is the heroine.

“As a model for pollen allergy I’ve decided to use Kano Aki-chan. I know the guys wanted to see all the girls around men, but I wanted to draw lots of girls instead!
As the manga’s heroine, she wears the popular twintails hairstyle, but the actual reason is that it’s the same hair as a certain queen in a really old shoujo anime I saw…
I’m drawing another manga with Aki-chan as the heroine!”

The pollen bit is really good, but then they just drop it for this whole fucking “I can’t cum” bit. Huge disappointment that there is not pollen in this scene, despite being outside. They later explain that the mansion has a perfect air filtration system, but this does not explain the scene by the pool.

Sally is clearly a god.

A better theory than Sally’s whole “your heart is still a virgin” thing is just that nobody seems aware of the clit? But nooo, she needs a man despite having all these maids pegging her. This was not the case in the manga, as she had a collection of men to fuck both her and Sally.

Sally then runs into Otani while on the train. Evidently, Otani and Rui (the girl who cannot cum) know each other from somewhere, and Sally brings him in as the solution to Rui’s dilemma. Thus, Otani and Rui fuck for hours. The same animation shows every time he cums, like a magical girl transformation.

“You can be my orgy-pet and my friend.” So says Rui to Otani.

Then they return to the whole pollen bit, finally, and introduce Hanazono’s little sister, Aki, for some reason. She seems chill about the whole pollen thing at least. Also seems chill about being photographed while getting fucked by a whole bunch of catgirls in public?

Edit: the Japanese cedar (sugi) pollen appears to have cat ears in the anime. This is a somewhat common occurance while some characters in anime, giving short, perky hair the appearance of having ears. The author’s statement on the design of the cedar pollen is as follows:

“Blonde hair, blue eyes, big tits. Personality: energetic and wild. Widespread from Kyushu to Honshu. Likes to have sex in threes or more. Often introduced to patients by joining in with other pollen girls.

“This was the first pollen girl that I drew. I envisaged her as the energetic one, so she ended up with blonde short hair. She was easy to draw so she appears a lot…“2

In the manga, the pollinic girls do have cat ears at one point, however. In the Wani Land chapter, Exhilirating Pollinic Girls Land, specifically during the parade scenes, the wear cat ears to fit the festive vibe.

Hanazono, despite having no cedar or cypress allergies thus being left out of everything, apparently does have ragweed allergies. Ragweed is boys! Also, her coworker just joins in out of “solidarity” (she’s probably just into it, honestly, callback to her previously stating that it was exciting to be watched).

III-2. Volume 2

Opens up to the little sister character, Aki, in her room getting pounced on by a bunch of catgirls. She puts tape over her pussy so the pollen can’t get to it. Supposedly, she doesn’t wear panties because cedar pollen just goes right through them.

Then Aki gets on the bust. At the end of the tunnel of bitches is her crush. We’re back to cedar and cypress season, apparently. The tape gets removed immediately. She’s really flustered that her crush is right there watchihng her, though he does seem to be respectfully looking away. Then, of course, like a gentleman, he offers her his handkerchief. “Seasonal allergies is so embarrassing. I hate it!” she exclaims.

Then we cut to some random girl doing anal with her husband (the pictures on the wall show they are clearly married). This is another really stupid bit (and not just because it doesn’t include pollen). The real cool manly man plays with her clit, confirming that the author is, in fact, aware that it exists. After they finish, they reveal the whole bit, being that she can’t take his cock. “You need to get bigger.” She’s 21, by the way. “It’s because my pussy is too small.” Also, she has twintails and is named Miku. Classic tsundere short girl.

Back in the same office, of course this is where the husband, Aki, works. The ragweed is here, so Hanazono is getting dicked down while trying to hand him reference materials. Hanazono making some comment about her pussy getting stretched out gives him an idea.

Cut to a small arrangement of sex toys. That’s right, he’s going to stretch his wife’s pussy out. Leaving the toy inside, aha.

Montage of her going around doing her wifely chores and shit with a dildo in her pussy. Getting horny at every little thing. Then, a few interspersed scenes of her getting measured and stretched by Aki. Some day, they will be able to fuck!

Back on the bus. Aki, the little sister, is standing next to her crush again. Miku is “jealous of all these kids with allergies.”

Okachinchin~ translated as “welcome homedick”??? (The manga translates this as “Welcome home, penis. Welcum home.”) Aki is just as confused as the rest of us at the phrase. Miku is really fucking horny at this point. “Put it all the way in and measure me.” Then they have sex. Aki notes that she is tight, almost so much that it hurts. What an empath! Shoutout to the shots of the photos in the back. He fills her up with a week’s worth of cum using the same animation as previous cums. Now she wants to make his dick bigger, a huge win for womens’ rights.

Classic establishing shot of a school here. Girls hanging out on the roof, chatting with the homies, getting their pussies eaten by the pollen. Aki is worried that people think girls with seasonal allergies are dirty, probably because of all the sex.

Suddenly, it is evening. Wow! Sugita, Aki’s crush, walks in on Yuri, Aki’s friend, getting dicked down by some ragweed. She claims that the way to fix seasonal allergies is the semen of a boy who isn’t suffering from allergies… so she sucks Sugita’s dick. Then Aki shows up, declaring that she cannot give up on her love after all. “I’m full of cum and perverted.” Yuri resigns herself to the ragweed, while Aki and Sugita have a whole romantic moment. “You’re beautiful when you have allergies.” Anyway, they fuck on the classroom desk. Yuri gets double penetrated while Aki and Sugita are still just having normal sex on the desk like loser heterosexuals. (I mean, the pollen is still sucking on her nipples and stuff, which is neat, I guess). The scene ends with the girls sprawled out, completely worn out on desks getting licked by the pollen.

Edit: we previously didn’t mention how much this scene was changed for the anime. For starters, it wasn’t in the evening, but during the school day. It was not just the three of them in the classroom at the time, the whole class was there… cheering them on for the romantic development of this scene.

Aki has now resigned herself to the pollen, having learned her crush does not look down on her for having allergies, not even wearing a skirt to school anymore. She wears her panties on the outside of the garters, meaning she fully intends on them being removed.

III-3. Volume 3

This one starts in a water park. Got maids at the pool… because Rui’s story is back! And cumming more than ever! “So this living vibrator belonged to you?” she asks Aki, regarding Sugita. It’s okay, she loans out Sally as a replacement. Clear (very pronounced) evidence of clitoris in this one. Like, Sally is very focused on it. Then Aki pulls an MLG Epic Gamer strat by throwing a jar of pollen in the air. “I, Sugita Hinoki, am weak in both holes.” The distraction works and Aki and Sugita are now just fucking in public like ballers.

The next scene is an adaptation of the whole nudist lifestyle chapter. This is tied into the pollinic girls thing purely with showing them outside the window in establishing shots. They spent their honeymoon naked on a deserted island. Not so much nudism in the attempting to de-sexualize nudity, very explicitly sexual about it.

She calls her husband “Darling.” Anyway, the next day she’s just doing sexy cosplay because she was too embarrassed by pure nudity and now she’s even more embarrassed! Foot stuff. The husband comes up with this great compromise where, since she doesn’t want to wear nothing, then she should wear his cum. This is what they call “hentai logic.” This is also where they insert the whole bit of her being up against the window because “your body needs lots of sunlight to produce Vitamin D.” This is an excellent excuse to bring up the whole milk wipers thing! “Semen shirt.” He said “semen shirt.”

Next scene just cuts straight to an orgy. They are in an elevator, which isn’t clear at first. It’s the Otsu♡Mami arc! They’re out in town, surrounded by… sex! Wow! Out in public, Mami needs to change her pollen mask, but Otsu decides that he might as well justm uhhm clean her off with his tongue (he really wants to fuck in the park). He pulls out the other “mask” with the “beaded tampon” and fucks her with it, which gets it all soaked. えっちしよ〜 (Let’s fuck). Who doesn’t want to fuck a blue haired girl in public? Plus she has a choker, cute! Despite everyone else in the park fucking pollinic girls, they all just have to pay attention to the normal people having sex in the park. “I’m sorry your wife is a whore.” “おちんちん、ちんぽ、好きだよ!” Queen, absolute queen. Mami is all passed out while Otsu desperately asks for her help as he is getting pegged by a bunch of Pollinic Boys… oh no!

Edit: all the ragweed pollen boys look like pathetic little twinks, which the author does, in fact, acknowledge:

“Despite his fragile looking body, he also troubles men without mercy. His semen is not fertile and has a milky color and sweet flavor. He can usually produce 100mL in one go, but it also has a diuretic effect. In some cases, it also acts as an aphrodisiac.”3

III-4. Volume 4

This episode takes place at an amusement park. This couple (Ami and Ken) is on a date, trying to make good memories. Sally is here! My queen! So they run around to different rides trying to find one that isn’t covered with people fucking pollen. Ami suggests the roller coaster, because it’s too high up and fast for pollen… but the wait time is 2 whole hours (they run into Aki here). Different from the manga here, they decide to go onto the ferris wheel, where they both get fucked by the pollen, of course. “Don’t moan so sexily like that…” dude just cums from that, all over her. And then Ami cums too, hurray! Ami runs away while Sally watches all menacing from the ferris wheel.

Next scene, the Otsu♡Mami arc is back! Mami is sitting on the toilet, when she gets attacked by tentacles!! Tentacles start squirting “strange things” all over her, and go right into her ass with a bit of teasing… then she pisses all over. “I peed… I peed so much… all over.”

Cut to Mami being mad at Otsu about the tentacles. Then they start talking about all the magazines piled up… how they should be tied up… but first he needs some practice… by tying her up, of course! “I figured something like this might happen,” he claims, as all the anchor points and pulleys on the ceiling are shown. He is a king. Possibly the best animated blowjob I’ve ever seen. This whole scene is really good, but they keep doing cuts of the pulleys on the ceiling which is a bit unnecessary, but Mami’s voice while she pleads for his cock could carry this whole thing alone. She claims to have gotten sluttier just because he does naughty things to her all the time, I mean, who wouldn’t.

“Many days later.” Mami has tied up everything in the house, shibari style… including herself.

And now we’re back to the amusement park. Ken is looking for Ami, and Sally tells him she knows where Ami is. Ami is, of course, in a warehouse, on a throne, getting licked all over by pollen girls. Ami is now desperate, pleading for Ken’s cock, wanting him to be her first before the pollen takes her virginity. There’s blood from her losing her first time, perpetuating a harmful stereotype about sex with virgins. Suddenly, the doors of the warehouse open, an announcement says the parade will begin! Ami, of course, doesn’t want to stop fucking, while the throne turns out to obviously be a parade float. So there they are, atop a float for all to see, fucking in full view. 10/10… no, Aki is here too for some reason, 2/10 at best. They’re doing the thing where they show all the other characters again, really trying to tie in all the stories. A few cuts later and Aki and Rui are making out while getting fucked by their respective guys, titties bumping and stuff. Pretty neat.

IV. Conclusion

Chloe’s review: “I’d rate it about a 3: better than Sword Art Online Alicization: War of Underworld Part 2 but not as good as Sword Art Online. The manga however, including all the untranslated chapters, I’d probably rate about a 5; if you’re looking for good masturbation material it’s probably best to look somewhere else, but if you’re looking for sex comedy with occasionally good jerk off material then I’d say give it a chance.

“I think, for the most part, the ‘pollinic girls’ thing is a really good bit that kinda gets wasted on schoolgirls and too many of the stories don’t actually contain that theme itself. Otsu♡Mami is life, Sally is a queen, and the Walking Miko deserve more stories, to be honest.”

Una’s review: “The anime is a 2/10; the manga is a 3/10; and Otsu♡Mami on its own is a 9/10.”


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