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A neatly arranged pair of shoes. Legs swinging to and fro over the edge. On the horizon, an apocalypse looms.

September 26, 2020, tags: #fiction #short-story

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. VI: A Real Podcast Notes

A real episode.

August 10, 2020, tags: #collaboration #notes #outline #podcast

Fonts, eh?

I'm made a font!

July 11, 2020, tags: #blog #design #fonts #programming


Fuck my life, lmao.

April 27, 2020, tags: #blog #self

Been a while...

I sure do post on Twitter a lot (think 1k posts/month), but never really write about myself on my blog anymore. I’ve written “blog posts” about research or programming, but nothing about my life. Hell, recently I migrated to a new Twitter account, so there isn’t much record of what I’ve been up to. The last post was about a year and a half ago when I was talking about school stuff; this post will...

February 07, 2020, tags: #blog #self


Sleep deprived ranting about ruby text, internationalization, localization, CSS3 support, monospace fonts, and some other stuff. Does this count as documentation? Am I doing a documentation here?

December 11, 2019, tags: #blog #localization #programming #web-dev

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. V: Post-Scarcity Notes

A couple of sleep deprived losers try to explain the philosophical and ecological necessity and implications of post-scarcity as a quote unquote economic mode.

June 25, 2019, tags: #collaboration #notes #outline #podcast

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. IV: The Paris Commune Notes

We're not a history podcast and nobody actually knows what happened in Paris in 1871.

January 17, 2019, tags: #collaboration #notes #outline #podcast

A Quick Note on Monetary Theory

I’ve as of yet done little research and study on economics; in college I was well more preoccupied with physics and computer science and in my own time I’ve simply neglected it. I find this necessary to remedy, simply as a person who lives in, as they say, a society and as someone whose interests lately tend toward socioeconomics; to that end I will soon after completed a few currently in progress works be embarking...

January 12, 2019, tags: #capitalism #economics #monetary-theory #preliminary

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. III: Spiderman 3 Notes

In this latest episode of Goth Angel Sinners, we've addressed complaints that the episodes were too long and that we are "over representing people born in 1997" while we discuss Spider-Man 3, cops, moral ambiguity, and Infinity War for some reason.

December 08, 2018, tags: #collaboration #notes #outline #podcast

Overreliance on Connotation

First, let’s assume that all that we know is truth, or more precisely that our certainty in currently held knowledge is invariable and that said certainty for a given concept is arbitrarily high. For simplicity’s sake we will divide the set of all that is known into two smaller sets, $A$ will refer to the set of concepts that are (based on some arbitrary threshold) good and $B$ will refer to the set of all...

October 06, 2018, tags: #argumentation #language #linguistics #logic #mathematics

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. II: Catalonia Notes

Join our hosts @trewbot and Chloe in this second installment of the Goth Angel Sinners podcast for an interview with senatorial candidate Jae Em Carico and discussions about the CNT, Revolutionary Catalonia, the Spanish Civil War, and the 2017 Catalan Independence Referendum.

September 20, 2018, tags: #collaboration #notes #outline #podcast

The Absurdity of Madoka Magica

This post contains spoilers for Puella Magi Madoka Magica/Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ) and Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie (劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ) Beginnings (始まりの物語), Eternal (永遠の物語), and Rebellion (叛逆の物語). Please watch the show (or first two movies) and Rebellion before continuing. Everyone has some contrarian opinions, a prevalent example of this being to claim that the Star Wars prequels were actually good. While I’m sure that I have plenty of these opinions laying around myself,...

September 08, 2018, tags: #absurdism #anime #philosophy #review

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. I: Shoplifting Notes

In this first installment of the Goth Angel Sinners podcast, our hosts @trewbot and Chloe, along with special guest @CheechGuevara, discuss the extremely controversial topic that is the morality of shoplifting. Join us for this exciting discussion about loss prevention, optimization, morality, and absentee ownership.

September 02, 2018, tags: #collaboration #notes #outline #podcast

Does Shoplifting 'Hurt' Workers?

A discussion on the idea that shoplifting has an effect on the employees of the store against which it is done.

August 30, 2018, tags: #capitalism #theft

The Windbreak Forest Lattice in Hokkaido

I saw some trees on a map and decided I just had to know what was up, completely forgetting that not everything in the world is available in English and overall just making myself look like a fool.

July 26, 2018, tags: #agriculture #agroforestry #blog #geography #history #maps

AI Isn't Going to Kill Us

According to the Future of Humanity Institute’s 2008 technical report titled “Global Catastrophic Risk Survey” by Anders Sandberg and Nick Bostrom there is a 5% chance that a superintelligent artificial intelligence (AI) will cause the extinction of humanity by the year 2100, and I’m here to tell you why that is fucking stupid. I considered talking about this a few months ago after seeing the estimates from this study on Wikipedia: Also, I could rant...

July 19, 2018, tags: #ai #artificial-intelligence #future #philosophy #rabbit-hole #rant #science #technology #transhumanism

On Satire, Briefly

This post was originally posted on my Tumblr as 175986356630. I don’t understand how people can view the past four years of sociopolitical development and still rationalize to themselves posting fascist propaganda as “ironic” or “satirical” humor. Satire is useless as critique and dangerous as humor, and posting the unadulterated views of those you’re supposedly against with nothing more than an assumed context of it being a “joke” is not even passable satire. Even if...

July 17, 2018, tags: #fascism #irony #online #rant #satire

Mathematical Graphing Library

Every now and again I get back to transcribing my old school notes as digital files on this site; which notes I work on really depends on my mood, and if you have read any of this site I’m sure you’re aware I’m more often than not in the mood for mathematics bullshit. To that end, one set of notes that’s been taunting me for months is that from my calculus classes (AP, II, and...

July 14, 2018, tags: #blog #javascript #mathematics #programming

An Absurd Temptation

It’s been increasingly difficult to describe my emotions in words as they slowly become more and more nuanced. A significant contributor to this is that I’ve never really tried to express myself as I actually feel rather than a filtered form of myself, which probably influenced the near uselessness of the short while I had a therapist a while back. It’s always much easier to build on a notion that someone already has, like an...

July 07, 2018, tags: #blog #self

Creation of ma (Pt. II)

When I left off last time I was ready to double down on a map that I definitely was not happy with. Attempting to find some resources on texturing a map I came across a post about using Google Earth imagery. Now, this was really interesting, but it just felt like it would be a huge waste given the state of my maps right now. So, back to Wilbur I go. One thing ma definitely...

June 30, 2018, tags: #alekala #blog #worldbuilding

Creation of ma (Pt. I)

I’m slowly working my way towards a new project in Cities: Skylines with a bit of an alternate history vibe, and nothing really sets a mood in such a fiction as a whole world fresh for the building. This is something I’ve been considering almost offhandedly since I read Mr Miyagi’s map making guide and found out about this wonderful and archaic tool called Wilbur. After messing around with Wilbur for a bit I decided...

June 28, 2018, tags: #alekala #blog #worldbuilding

Graphing a Poisson Distribution using Canvas

A few semesters back I was taking a class called “Mathematics for Physics and Engineering II” which was a companion course for “Intermediate Physics Lab” that covered a lot of the mathematics used in data analysis. One example of this is the Poisson Distribution, which we had plenty of assignments on, including one that involved calculations. Rather than simply using one of the many available tools that existed already to calculate this, I decided to...

May 21, 2018, tags: #blog #canvas #javascript #mathematics

Abridged Notes on Quantum Mechanics II

Following up from the first section, these notes will cover finding solutions to the Time Independent Schrödinger Equation in what is referred to as the "Particle in a Box" example.

May 10, 2018, tags: #notes #physics #quantum-mechanics #school

Notes on Differential Equations

(Fall 2015) Do you love calculus but wish it was a bit more... actually useful and good? In that case, do I have the math for you: Differential Equations. More specifically: the basic stuff about differential equations that I actually took notes on.

April 27, 2018, tags: #diffeq #mathematics #notes #school

Abridged Notes on Quantum Mechanics I

These notes just cover a few basic ideas in Quantum Mechanics, giving an introduction to wave function, the Schrödinger Equation (both time dependent and independent), and velocity of a particle.

April 26, 2018, tags: #notes #physics #quantum-mechanics #school

Gay Minecraft Commune 0.1.2

A mod pack for building gay communes in the forest with your friends.

March 22, 2018, tags: #minecraft #modpack

Death isn't real and neither are you

Oops! I wrote another thing about death! This time rather than picking apart traditional descriptions of death, I'm going to be introducing a more modern take on the whole idea.

March 20, 2018, tags: #death #manyworlds #metaphysics #philosophy

Fear and Death

I'm on that existential bullshit right now and it's not going away. So, I'm just going to plunge head first into philosophy and verbosity to try to act like I'm fine when in reality I'm panicking at the mere notion of existing in a universe that has time.

March 15, 2018, tags: #death #existentialism #philosophy #suicide

On Objectivity

There is a reasonably prevalent question in philosophy about whether or not a universal truth can exist. This can be expanded further to ask whether or not we as humans could ever know a universal truth. To examine this question we must also examine the concept of objectivity that is so often conflated with this, as well as the idea of logic and its application to already perceived truths.

March 05, 2018, tags: #incomplete #objectivity #philosophy #rant

ATIL Issue 001 Glossary

This post was published in All That Is Left Issue 001 as “Glossary.” Anarchism - Society whose structures are built around non-hierarchical (or horizontal) and voluntary organization rather than government rule and enforcement. Bourgeoisie - Capitalist class which owns the means of production. Capitalism - Economic system in which the means of production are privately rather than publicly (or collectively) owned. Class - Grouping of people based on their social and/or economic standing. Commodity -...

January 09, 2018, tags: #atil #glossary

Calculations & Error Propagation

The moment of inertia for a cylinder (a rod $R$ whose thickness is not negligible) is given by the equation1 \[I_R=m\left(\frac{r^2}{4}+\frac{t^2}{12}\right),\tag{1}\] where $m$ is the mass of the cylinder, $r$ is the radius of the cylinder, and $t$ is half the length of the cylinder. In this specific case $m=0.030\pm0.0001kg$, $r=0.002\pm0.001m$, and $t=0.300\pm0.001m$. This yields a resulting moment of inertia of \[\begin{align} I_R&=0.030\left(\frac{0.002^2}{4}+\frac{0.300^2}{12}\right)\tag{2a}\\ &=2.2503\cdot10^{-4}kgm^2,\tag{2b} \end{align}\] The error on equation $2b$ is then computed using the...

December 05, 2017, tags: #experimentation #mathematics #physics #school

Introduction to Syndicalism

This post was published in All That Is Left Issue 001 as “Syndicalism.” While a sentiment of anti-authoritarianism born of a distaste for corporatism and other modern manifestations of centralized capitalist governments lends itself quite cleanly to the ideas of anarchism, what is not immediately clear is how, in an anarchist system, the resources necessary for the survival of all people will be both produced and distributed, or how a society following this ideal could...

October 14, 2017, tags: #anarchism #article #atil #leftism #syndicalism

2D Schrödinger Equation Simulation (Pt. I)

A month or two ago I had this idea to attempt to create a visualization of quantum tunneling in two dimensions. Obviously it wouldn’t be the equation itself, but rather a solution to it for a particular case that I would be using. Here, the $x$ and $y$ would be the actual $x$ and $y$ coordinate grid used for the solution, but $z$ would be the probability density. Rendering Setup The Schrödinger Equation Rendering Setup...

September 24, 2017, tags: #blog #javascript #physics #programming #quantum-mechanics #science #threejs

Praxis and the "Report from the Real Minority"

This report needs a real breakdown from an experienced political analyst that isn’t just some neoliberal corporate sellout, but as I’m me and I’ve not slept in something like 24 hours now, I don’t feel qualified to do this. However, perhaps because I have not slept, or perhaps because I do believe it to be necessary, I want to write a quick piece about the false idea of praxis that is described in this “report.”...

August 31, 2017, tags: #dsa #leftism

PVF Design Proposal

After much consideration of different manners of creating a design for the People’s Virtual Front that would represent the intent of the project as a whole, I had the idea of attempting to create a hammer and sickle with lines and circular terminals to give the appearance of a printed circuit board. While I do agree that to some extent the hammer and sickle is overused, the goal of this project is to provide a...

August 29, 2017, tags: #design #organization #proposal

All That is Left General Meeting (Minutes)

In attendance: Trewbot (vc, txt) CrimsonFlag (vc, txt) Niceman (audio, txt) Doctoma (txt) Temporary Warp (LATE, audio, txt) Minutes: Finishing the first edition is the main goal now. Need templates for PDF done Covers and introductory parts Individual article layouts Goal to distribute by end of September Plan to distribute on Reddit and /leftypol/ Articles are still in progress A few have yet to be done, may just drop some of the non-essential ones Very...

August 26, 2017, tags: #atil #minutes

About All That Is Left

This post is published on the All That Is Left website and is subject to further review by the editorial team. All That Is Left was established to provide a platform for nonsectarian leftist art and writing, spanning from theory to politics to current events. Publication will start after the first edition is finished (the current goal for this is September 30th, but this may be extended based on circumstances). Once this edition is done,...

August 25, 2017, tags: #atil #organization

Thelma & Louise 2: Army of Darkness (Scene 10)

This post was published as Scene 10 of Thelma & Louise 2: Army of Darkness FADE IN: EXT. MORNING - The place where they were camping The trio is sleeping, CORN begins to bloat a bit as the sun rays from the fresh sunrise filter through the trees that are probably there. This awakens CORN. CORN Fuck. Shit. Fuck. Damn it. Fuck. Oh my god. What the fuck. Holy shit. God damn it. Fucking fuck...

May 07, 2017, tags: #collaboration #comedy #fiction #script


this is corn. corn has no gender. corn did not ask to be born. free the corn. kill the corn. corn asks to be killed. corn reminds us that existence is meaningless. we can all learn a thing or two from corn. according to the lore corn was animated by the necromancer kale ren. corn did not consent to this. like all of us, corn did not choose to be born. because corn is made...

May 06, 2017, tags: #fiction


FADE IN: INT. Office Opening shot of an INTERVIEWER holding a clipboard and sitting at a desk in a plain room. There is an INTERVIEWEE on the other side of the desk but both characters will never be in the same shot. INTERVIEWER What is something that you believe in? INTERVIEWEE Pardon? INTERVIEWER Yknow, something that you agree with completely, an idea that you feel is an integral part of you. INTERVIEWEE pauses to think,...

April 30, 2017, tags: #comedy #fiction #script

Sonic's Last Adventure (Scene 10)

This post was published as Scene 10 of Sonic’s Last Adventure CUT TO: EXT. EVENING - Large empty meadow THE COROLLA rolls along the highway, a shot from above would do well here. A breeze sweeps across the plains of golden wheat or some other grass. Either way this is a very calm scene, comfortable and quaint. CUT TO: EXT. EVENING - In front of a small house We see a small white house, one...

April 02, 2017, tags: #collaboration #comedy #fiction #script

The Childhood Fear of the Void

One night, when I was about ten (10) or so, I found myself laying on my bed, just scared of it all. While that bed had originally been the top bunk of a bunk bed I had shared with my younger brother, it had been moved across the room. I think the carpet was blue, I’m sure there are pictures somewhere but I honestly don’t care that much and I don’t think I ever will....

March 27, 2017, tags: #blog #depression #self

The Muppets Yakuza (Scene 9)

This post was published as Scene 9 of The Muppets Yakuza INT. NIGHT - BASEMENT-ESQUE ROOM It’s really dark, like, really pushing the dynamic range on them cinema-grade cameras that cost as much as my college tuition kind of dark, people in the theaters will be complaining about the glare but the content will be so good they’ll forget all their gripes. The room consists mostly of concrete, blood stuffing stained concrete everywhere. Also, it’s...

March 05, 2017, tags: #collaboration #comedy #fiction #script

Minor Annoyance in Server Operation

I sent a link to a friend, and it didn’t work. I needed to figure out why. First thing to do was check the DNS records on my domain (). This is all in IPv6 so I need to check the AAAA records rather than the A. This looks something like this: Now this is the IP of the server, not the router, because again this is IPv6. I don’t have any dynamic DNS setup...

March 02, 2017, tags: #blog #debugging #javascript #server

y r u crying.txt

y r u crying? im not crying yes u r y r u crying? im literally not yes u r y do u keep insisting that im crying when im not bc if i believe it mb itll come true

February 23, 2017, tags: #txt

A Collection of .txt Files from Feb. 22 and 23, 2017: An Exploration in Monospace Formatting as Emotional Expression

This is a collection of .txt files that aren’t long enough to rationalize each being archived on its own. About half of the files of this sort were written in these two days. Files in alphabetical order: 2017-02-22 07:27 alignment.txt 2017-02-22 07:41 breathe.txt 2017-02-22 07:10 concern.txt 2017-02-22 04:35 how are you.txt 2017-02-22 04:24 hug me.txt 2017-02-23 03:19 i swear im sorry.txt 2017-02-23 03:29 manipulation.txt 2017-02-22 07:34 pity.txt 2017-04-28 13:18 satisfied.txt 2017-02-23 10:01 screen.txt 2017-02-22 07:19...

February 23, 2017, tags: #blog #self #txt

Opposite Jurassic Park (Scene 7)

This post was published as Scene 7 of Opposite Jurassic Park INT: SOME BUNKER, This is a very dimly lit bunker, something like you see in movies with war rooms and stuff, there is a flashing red light in the background. Aside from the light and a telephone sitting on a desk in the center of the room, everything is gray or olive green. SEN. CHOMPYCHOMP is standing in the room, he looks moist, the...

February 05, 2017, tags: #collaboration #comedy #fiction #script

I was sitting in a Wal-Mart

I was at a Wal-Mart for five hours. I did not just sit there in one spot and I was not alone, but my mental image of the whole experience is very singular and lonely. The immediate circumstance leading up to this situation were just as depressive as the more permanent shell that contains this story. For Christmas both my parents and my maternal grandmother along with her brother presented to me gift cards for...

January 22, 2017, tags: #blog #depression #loss #self

A Brief History of Martian Colonization

~12,000 H.E. The idea of colonizing Mars was always a dream of people on Earth. Though many would rationalize it by way of thinking the Earth would go to shit and we would need to move on. This idea was, of course, absurd; they weren’t going to fuck up the planet enough to make it easier to move to a new one than to sustain the population where it already was. Yet they still continued...

January 17, 2017, tags: #althistory #fiction #mars #scifi #spacecolonization

I Feel Alone

There was an odd comfort in being alone, as if I knew it was my fault and would never dare to fight against it. My bed was comfortable, it was very warm, almost sickeningly warm but not enough to make me want to do anything about it… or maybe that was just another consequence I didn’t feel I should fight against. The comforter was new, much heavier than my old one, I went out of...

January 17, 2017, tags: #fiction

pheneco CSS Styleguide

This post was written as a styleguide for CSS included in projects by Purpose This document is written to create a standard coding styleguide for CSS or CSS preprocessors within all projects. Modifications can be made per project, and should be noted within the appropriate documentation. Tools and Rationales Preprocessors To allow for more efficient production, it is recommended that a CSS preprocessor be used. This permits the usage of variables for colors...

December 20, 2016, tags: #css #pheneco #programming #styleguide

ACM Meeting Minutes

Today we are continuing our discussion about the upcoming Makeathon and the potential for a maker space here on campus. This Makeathon will be hosted here at the university, wherein teams would be given a certain amount of time to design and produce a workable application to meet some criteria of a prompt that would be given to them. This is Nate. He is an agro-engineering major. He is working on a project that would...

December 07, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

Playing an FPS on a Drawing Tablet

This post was submitted to Student Voice but not published, for some reason. Update Jun. 4, 2020: Since apparently people have actually been trying to read this article, let me just point out that tablets frequently have a “mouse mode” where they will act like track pads, use that. Also cleaned up some of the text a bit. Let’s say you have a drawing tablet for your computer, like, one with no screen and a...

November 19, 2016, tags: #column

Building a Flight Computer

This post was written as a project proposal for an electronics course, the project was not completed. Last year I participated in the Midwest High-Power Rocket Competition on the UW-River Falls team, wherein we were tasked with the building and launching of a high power rocket on which there was a mechanism to control the apogee via air braking. The flight computer on said rocket was less than satisfactory, a result of compromises for power...

November 16, 2016, tags: #electronics #physics #programming #proposal #school

ACM Meeting Minutes

Our plans for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest fell through. U of Minn – Twin Cities and Macalester were both closed to registration, and UW – La Crosse was determined to be too far away to travel (two and a half hours of driving) for this international programming contest. Marty Allen, pictured right, was nice enough to try to find room for us, but in the end we failed him. Don’t worry, I apologized...

October 26, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

UWRF ACM Promo Video

This post was written as a script for a promotional video about the UWRF ACM Student Chapter. Script Opening shot of JUSTIN standing in the center of the frame in front of a black- board, the basic script is written down on the board. JUSTIN Do you like computers? CUT TO: Shot of computer being thrown into frame. CUT TO: Return to shot of JUSTIN in front of blackboard. JUSTIN Then we have the club...

October 26, 2016, tags: #acm #organization #script #video

ACM Meeting Minutes

Our toolkit, that we bought, has arrived. We now have a toolkit. Arthur is bringing the toolkit. The lab manager(s) is/are in charge of acquiring materials and such for the room, e.g. paper towels, as well as changing the garbage/recycling, and cleaning the boards in the room. You know, managing the lab. ACM’s International Collegiate Programming Competition is on October 29th. Teams must be three people, and we need to figure out transportation. This needs...

October 19, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

Building an Acousto-Optical Deflector

This post was written as a project proposal but never submitted for funding. Introduction The acousto-optical effect is the change in refractive index of a material caused by an acoustic wave applied to said material. This is a particular case of photoelasticity, which can be used to experimentally measure stress distributions within a material1, where the difference in refractive indices (represented by the optic indicatrix2 B) along each axis is caused by acoustic waves rather...

October 17, 2016, tags: #acoustics #optics #physics #proposal #research #school

It is 5am and I Give Up

I have no real motivation to do anything. Not to be awake, not to go to sleep. Not to stay here, not to go anywhere else. It’s a tricky thing, this motivation. Humans, as it would seem, need a reason to do anything. That reason can be as little arbitrary bullshit as some ancient societal structure that is simply outdated by literally everything that constitutes the modern era of information, but nonetheless it is some...

October 13, 2016, tags: #blog #self

ACM Meeting Minutes

We are still making purchasing plans for the semester/year. Currently on the list to be purchased: Raspberry Pi 3s (2 of them, with cases, keyboards and mice) New motherboard, the old one was fried Anything from surplus sale? This Friday. Tables, need to get rid of permanent tables and the old conference table Possible new chairs and couches if we can find them Fundraising needs to happen, current plan is to buy t-shirts and resell...

October 12, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

ACM Officers' Meeting Minutes

Figure out procedure for changing advisors for club both with the university and the ACM national. Set up meeting for Innovation presentation, sometime past the 27th. Will have to move meeting to somewhere with more room than SH 21. Need to create a plan for the accounts, for now we can use the revenue fund for deposits it is more difficult to remove money from here, however. We need to find some way to ensure...

October 12, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

ACM Meeting Minutes

Bobby brought his Vive to demonstrate the glory of Virtual Reality. Bobby is working on a Game Dev thing, in Unity, maybe for the Vive, anyone interested contact him. A whole 22 people have shown up! Mitch is planning on doing something with Python, he has put a poll up on Facebook about when people may be available for this.

September 28, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

ACM Meeting Minutes

meeting has begun! Nominating Joe for membership officer Mark would like suggestions for the meetings? What do the new people expect? Some guy has a whole setup for smash bros he can bring Everyone likes fighting games What did we do last year? Bobby made a drone! Hype Who here wants to build a robot? We have kits.

September 21, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

ACM Meeting Minutes

We’re attentively tracking the room’s occupancy. #FireCodes #Safety #ThisIsntHowIWantedToDie We really ought to write agendas for these meetings. We will have Lan Parties, Movie Nights, Programming competitions We’ll try for MICS again! Yay! Don’t be discouraged due to our experience, we will always help you. Mitch always wants to talk about python. We want to make a robot for MICS this year, it honestly doesn’t look that hard. Talk to mitch or someone if you...

September 14, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

pheneco Naming Guide

Purpose This document is written to clearly describe consistent rules for naming CSS selectors across all projects. Such consistency is necessary to allow any person working on one project to easily be able to pick up on another project without the requirement of learning new standards for selectors. This is merely a styleguide and not a rulebook, modifications can be made per project and should be noted within the appropriate documentation. Do not be...

September 05, 2016, tags: #css #pheneco #programming #styleguide

Measuring a Magnetic Dipole via Harmonic Oscillation

Introduction Oscillations are among the most important motions to understand when dealing with physics on both a macro and micro scale; the oscillation of an object can be used to determine specific properties of said object, especially in the case of magnets and magnetic fields1. In this case, we placed a cue ball containing a magnetic dipole in a constant magnetic field generated by an approximately2 Helmholtz coil (so as to create a consistent magnetic...

May 06, 2016, tags: #magnetism #paper #physics #school

ACM Meeting Minutes

“Welcome to Election 2016” Voting for Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Officer, Lab Manager, Events Committee Chair, Communications Committee Chair Mark has been working on a ‘Ladder World’ website The ladders DO NOT link to anything Vote for Communication Committee Chair: 10/10 Justin Snell Vote for Events Committee Chair: Nobody running? You can get a key to the locker! Still nobody? Will be filled by Vice Chair Vote for Lab Manager: 10/10 Will/Stephen/Jarrett (Co-Lab...

April 27, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school


We began with the basic equations for this scenario that we were given during the simulations, first being the speed of the wave: \[v=\sqrt{\frac{F_T}{\mu}},\tag1\] where $v$ is the velocity of the wave in meters per second, $F_T$ is the tension on the string in Newtons, and $\mu$ is the linear density of the string in kilograms per meter; then the wavelength: \[\lambda_n=\frac{2L}{n},\tag2\] where $\lambda_n$ is the wavelength for the nth harmonic, $L$ is the length...

April 21, 2016, tags: #physics #school

ACM Meeting Minutes

Meeting start 18:21 Mitch’s presentation is moved to Apr 20th for reasons Hendricks will be hosting a middle school coding event thing Possibly show Pi or Arduino Apr 27th, Ames and SoFo is hosting a LAN party-ish thing from 7-9(? Kind of short, maybe 9am, lol?) Hey, they have free pizza… yay Also board games Sajan night next week, hype

April 06, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

Pop Tarts (God)

This post was written as a submission to an open call by @ruinedpicnic on twitter (now called @punishedpicnic) for music to sing. Ruined Picnic and Friends by ruined picnic and friends Every single morning I wake up in a state of peace. As if part of the void, or an emptiness at least. When not quite awake, life itself can be like a dream. Like the pop tarts that are flavored like cookies and cream....

March 26, 2016, tags: #collaboration #music

Calculating Heat Efficiency on Campus Using Infrared Imaging

Abstract. Using data collected with an infrared camera, a mean external temperature for any given building can be found and subsequently compared to that of other buildings or the building’s own internal temperature. This data gives a statistical basis for determining the heat efficiency of a building. Introduction With the current pushes to maintain a green campus and common complaints about certain buildings’ inconsistency in temperature, we decided that we would find a way to...

March 12, 2016, tags: #coauthored #collaboration #infrared-imaging #paper #physics #research

ACM Meeting Minutes

Sajan nights changed 16th to 23rd of March Twin Cities Code Camp April 16th Reg. 7:30-8:15 U of M 7 ppl interested rn MICS 22nd and 23rd April

March 09, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

ACM Meeting Minutes

Review of budget Move party was Friday Mitch posted on facebook Only Jarrett and Mark 8/10 fun More people may have lowered fun (working theory) Pi group “going well, kind of need people to show up” Mtgs THU 3:30-5 Why not Tuesday? Programming competition is still going Selling everything is going well Sold 7 things today Grossed like a bunch of money ($30?)

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ACM Meeting Minutes

Sajan nights once per night, talks about computer science in the work force Mar. 16 Apr. 13 May 4 More like workshops? Might be pizza? New Bylaw drafts Adds a new Membership Officer position Defines committees further Programming challenge is happening New stock photos/slides for SH218 Any other events? Twin Cities Code Camp? Free Pizza Prizes ~$12 for parking Sat Apr 16, 7:30am-4pm UMTC Something Something Who wants to go A lot of people Vote...

February 24, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

UWRF ACM Student Chapter Bylaws

This post was passed as a complete overhaul of the previous UWRF ACM Student Chapter Bylaws to fix numerous issues with the operation of the organization. While the chapter did vote to adopt these bylaws, the official procedure to submit them to both the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Student Involvement department and the national Association for Computing Machinery for review were never undergone. ARTICLE I Name and Description §1.1 Name §1.2 Mission Statement §1.3 About...

February 24, 2016, tags: #acm #bylaws #organization

ACM Meeting Minutes

Voting on date for next LAN party: decided on March 25-26 Programming competition tonight, 6pm Same questions as last week Not really competing Bylaws are being revised Revisions should be finished next week We will then vote on the amendments Movie night ideas When is a good time? Voting who’s interested? A lot of people Next week, 26th? Works. People should bring own snacks. Mark might get pizza Will post on facebook about what movies...

February 17, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

ACM Meeting Minutes

We discussed our inventory and our progress so far this semester. Discussion of to-do lists We established new committees or at least talked about it. Network comm. Events comm. Web comm. Sofa comm. Fun comm?  

February 10, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

The feasibility of spontaneously morphing into an octopus

This post was published in Student Voice Volume 102, Issue 13 as “The process of spontaneously morphing into an octopus.” This argument has been deemed quite controversial: is it possible for one to simply become an octopus without outside forces acting upon them? To start off, one might ask if this is likely, the answer to which is clearly ‘no.’ While it would be amazing for someone walking alongside you to suddenly be dragging themselves...

February 05, 2016, tags: #column #student-voice

ACM Meeting Minutes

Mark welcomes everyone at approximately 6pm All who have previously attended ACM raise their hands, this is a majority Mark introduces some of our equipment (PIs, Arduinos, etc.) Subtle plugs for LAN parties Introduction of the MICS programming challenge Informational seminars? Want to begin building a team for competitions Individual programming competition sometime next week Has anyone finished data structure? Slight chuckle from crowd How many people here have not finished Programming II? Several raised...

February 03, 2016, tags: #acm #minutes #school

Using Pens for Math Is Not Bad

Perhaps an argument against this would be the resource usage, the amount of paper used when you leave mistakes on the page is so much more. Think of the trees! Then again, erasers either come from trees or petroleum so you’re going to be using something either way. Efficiency aside, there is a sort of philosophy that really needs to be acknowledged here. We’re all taught that nobody is perfect, that we all make mistakes....

December 24, 2015, tags: #column

ACM Meeting Minutes

Science Olympiad Jan. 23, 2016 Need more volunteers for “Game On” event About 6 hours, Saturday before classes begin Contestants have 50 minutes to designs a game in MIT Scratch Volunteers grade submissions based on criteria

December 09, 2015, tags: #acm #minutes #school

A student’s guide to pencils

This post was published in Student Voice Volume 102, Issue 11 as “Philosophy of pencil classification can be very complicated.” Pencils are pencils, but to say all pencils were created equal is a stretch of the imagination that one should not be so willing to make. What exactly is a pencil? Here we shall assume that a pencil is a utensil that utilizes graphite to write, so as to be able to easily erase any...

December 02, 2015, tags: #column #student-voice

General Relativity's Astronomical Effects

This post was published in Student Voice Volume 102, Issue 10 as “Thinking about theory of relativity can garner many impactful realizations.” Four score and another score ago, Einstein introduced the idea of general relativity. Well, that’s when he presented the results at the Prussian Academy of Science. Unlike previous models for gravity and such, this relativity thing actually accounted for reality. Consequentially, a lot more science was able to be understood thereafter. Karl Schwarzschild,...

November 18, 2015, tags: #column #relativity #student-voice

Calculating Heat Efficiency on Campus Using Infrared Imaging Project Proposal

This post was submitted to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity (URSCA) department as part of applying for an Undergraduate Stipends and Expenses (USE) Grant. The grant was rewarded. Introduction In light of recent discussion on the UW System’s coal contract in relation to environmentalism and movements on campus to promote more sustainable systems, little discussion is being held about the actual energy efficiency of individual buildings. Significance Highlighting...

November 16, 2015, tags: #infrared-imaging #physics #proposal #research

ORCA National High Power Rocketry Competition Project Proposal

This post was submitted to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity (URSCA) department as part of applying for an Undergraduate Stipends and Expenses (USE) Grant. The grant was rewarded. Introduction The goal of this project is to compete in the NASA Midwest High Powered Rocket Competition, which includes teams from throughout the nation. This competition entails designing a high-powered rocket with an active braking system to be launched twice,...

November 15, 2015, tags: #physics #proposal #research #rocketry

SPS and Chem Demons Host Annual Haunted Lab

This post was published in Student Voice Volume 102 Issue 8 as “Physics lab gets spooky on Halloween.” On Halloween, which was Saturday, more specifically: Saturday, October 31, 2015. Well, really specifically: Saturday, October 31, 2015 from 5pm to about 9pm. Anyway, where was I going with this…? Oh, yeah, On Saturday, which was Halloween, the UW–River Falls Society of Physics Students and Chem Demons held their annual Haunted Lab. Side note: “haunted” does not...

November 01, 2015, tags: #article #journalism #student-voice

Office chair provides fun, convenience, comfort

This post was published in Student Voice Volume 102, Issue 7 as “Wednesday blues healed by nifty spinning office chair.” The UW-River Falls campus classrooms are sprinkled with a wide assortment of differing sorts of chairs. Many classes have those odd plastic ones with the slits in the back, which are probably there to help it flex? Whatever. Sometimes those have those pointless little desk attachment things on which you can fit maybe a third...

October 29, 2015, tags: #column #student-voice

UWRF SPS Visits 3M Super Science Saturday

This post was published in Student Voice Volume 102, Issue 4 as “UWRF Society of Physics Students Chapter visits 3M.” On Saturday, Oct. 3, several members of the UW–River Falls Society of Physics Students Chapter attended 3M’s Super Science Saturday. Moving from the left to right, as from the perspective of people in front of the table, one would first notice the infrared camera display. This display had a monitor, so as to display the...

October 08, 2015, tags: #article #journalism #student-voice

The Road

The dog walks along the road. Didot, the name of neither dog nor road, rather a class of fonts, the class of fonts used for the poster in the shop window that can be seen just behind the dog. The reflection of the dog nonexistent. This world itself does not exist. It is all a lie. Bark. Not the dog. No, the dog is a mute. The dog is now passing a birch tree. The...

October 06, 2015, tags: #fiction #short-story

Awkward Smile Day

I open the door and the bell rings. That familiar electronic bell that is really more of a beep but tradition says it’s a bell and there’s no arguing with tradition. I am thirsty and really need to raise my blood sugar level before I faint. To this end I walk past the cashier without so much as looking up. “Hello,” she greets me. I don’t bother to reply with words for fear of dehydration,...

September 14, 2015, tags: #fiction #short-story

Nihilism on Aisle 7

The rain stopped, it had completed its task, it had watered the crops just the right amount; it was ready to die. There was no funeral for the rain. Nobody was saddened by its departure. There was a silent acceptance of what it had accomplished for the world, but no mourning for its passing. It was here just a moment ago, blessing the lands with its watery goodness, and now it was gone. The lack...

September 14, 2015, tags: #fiction #short-story

Sunny Day

It was a sunny day, not that I could be bothered to give a damn about things in the sky. I had my eyes on the prize and not much more. One way or another I was to end the day $0.15 richer. You see, one must set goals for themselves. Goals that are difficult to reach. But not goals that are completely unreasonable. The goal of this particular day was to “make bank,” as...

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This post was written for a creative writing course, originally titled “I’m Just a Lawyer.” Prologue I admit that I may not have held client confidentiality in the utmost regard in the past. As a legal practitioner in the state of North Carolina, the consequences to such disregard may be much higher than for most people. A few consecutive events in which this may have become apparent can be found in the story of the...

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So, as many Americans are thoroughly aware, there is this little baseball game things going on sometime within the next month. I happen to live nearby the venue at which it will be held, as well as the hometown of one of the participating teams, this same team is quite enthusiastic about this event and is holding a convention called Fan Fest for it. Through some means or another my family acquired four tickets to...

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Magic System Draft

The date on this file is approximate, all I know is that I wrote it when discussing the idea of making a game centered around a hard magic systems some time during my sophomore year of high school. §1 Magic Basics §1.1 Mana Your maximum mana level is determined by your magic level. You lose mana frequently as you use magic, but how do you regain it? Firstly there are mana potions. Mana potions can...

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