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Overreliance on Connotation

First, let’s assume that all that we know is truth, or more precisely that our certainty in currently held knowledge is invariable and that said certainty for a given concept is arbitrarily high. For simplicity’s sake we will divide the set of all that is known into two smaller sets, $A$ will refer to the set of concepts that are (based on some arbitrary threshold) good and $B$ will refer to the set of all...

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. II: Catalonia Notes

Join our hosts @trewbot and Chloe in this second installment of the Goth Angel Sinners podcast for an interview with senatorial candidate Jae Em Carico and discussions about the CNT, Revolutionary Catalonia, the Spanish Civil War, and the 2017 Catalan Independence Referendum.

The Absurdity of Madoka Magica

This post contains spoilers for Puella Magi Madoka Magica/Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ) and Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie (劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ) Beginnings (始まりの物語), Eternal (永遠の物語), and Rebellion (叛逆の物語). Please watch the show (or first two movies) and Rebellion before continuing. Everyone has some contrarian opinions, a prevalent example of this being to claim that the Star Wars prequels were actually good. While I’m sure that I have plenty of these opinions laying around myself,...

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. I: Shoplifting Notes

In this first installment of the Goth Angel Sinners podcast, our hosts @trewbot and Chloe, along with special guest @CheechGuevara, discuss the extremely controversial topic that is the morality of shoplifting. Join us for this exciting discussion about loss prevention, optimization, morality, and absentee ownership.

Does Shoplifting 'Hurt' Workers?

A discussion on the idea that shoplifting has an effect on the employees of the store against which it is done.

The Windbreak Forest Lattice in Hokkaido

I saw some trees on a map and decided I just had to know what was up, completely forgetting that not everything in the world is available in English and overall just making myself look like a fool.

AI Isn't Going to Kill Us

According to the Future of Humanity Institute’s 2008 technical report titled “Global Catastrophic Risk Survey” by Anders Sandberg and Nick Bostrom there is a 5% chance that a superintelligent artificial intelligence (AI) will cause the extinction of humanity by the year 2100, and I’m here to tell you why that is fucking stupid. I considered talking about this a few months ago after seeing the estimates from this study on Wikipedia: [Deleted Tweet] But since...

Mathematical Graphing Library

Every now and again I get back to transcribing my old school notes as digital files on this site; which notes I work on really depends on my mood, and if you have read any of this site I’m sure you’re aware I’m more often than not in the mood for mathematics bullshit. To that end, one set of notes that’s been taunting me for months is that from my calculus classes (AP, II, and...

An Absurd Temptation

It’s been increasingly difficult to describe my emotions in words as they slowly become more and more nuanced. A significant contributor to this is that I’ve never really tried to express myself as I actually feel rather than a filtered form of myself, which probably influenced the near uselessness of the short while I had a therapist a while back. It’s always much easier to build on a notion that someone already has, like an...

Graphing a Poisson Distribution using Canvas

A few semesters back I was taking a class called “Mathematics for Physics and Engineering II” which was a companion course for “Intermediate Physics Lab” that covered a lot of the mathematics used in data analysis. One example of this is the Poisson Distribution, which we had plenty of assignments on, including one that involved calculations. Rather than simply using one of the many available tools that existed already to calculate this, I decided to...