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Una Mono

Another font? That's right! I'm continuing on my journey to update the styling on my GitHub pages blog, this time I'll be creating a monospace font for code blocks!

Chloe & Una’s Tentacular Experience, Vol. 1 Notes

Alignment You! You!

Chloe and Una take you, the beautiful and highly intelligent and also did you do something with your hair recently? listener, on a journey into the world of Japanese erotic cartoons, beginning with the 2007 manga Alignment You! You! and it's 2008 anime adaptation.

Una Nota

A new heading font to express the feeling of not being able to get tacos.


A neatly arranged pair of shoes. Legs swinging to and fro over the edge. On the horizon, an apocalypse looms.

Goth Angel Sinners, Part VI Notes

Goth Angel Sinners Pt. VI: A Real Podcast Notes

A real episode.

Fonts, eh?

I'm made a font!


Fuck my life, lmao.

Been a while...

I sure do post on Twitter a lot (think 1k posts/month), but never really write about myself on my blog anymore. I’ve written “blog posts” about research or programming, but nothing about my life. Hell, recently I migrated to a new Twitter account, so there isn’t much record of what I’ve been up to. The last post was about a year and a half ago when I was talking about school stuff; this post will...


Sleep deprived ranting about ruby text, internationalization, localization, CSS3 support, monospace fonts, and some other stuff. Does this count as documentation? Am I doing a documentation here?

Goth Angel Sinners, Part V Notes


A couple of sleep deprived losers try to explain the philosophical and ecological necessity and implications of post-scarcity as a quote unquote economic mode.